Donations Needed!!!

image of dog in vet office

Low Income Spay/Neuter

Average $200/$250

image of dog with blocks that say foster

Foster Home Cost

Average $50-$150/per stay

image of van with dog and crates

Transport/Fuel Cost

Reimbursement Rate $0.14/mile

image of wish list

Amazon Wish List

Items from $2 - $1000

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No Fees

image of PayPal logo


1.99% + $0.49 per transaction

c/o Jennifer Harrison, PO Box 182, Malaga, WA 98828

Cash or Check

No Fees

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Go Fund Me

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction 

Image of dog crates

Crates and Kennels

Shown on Amazon, purchase anywhere!

Image of dog toys/treats

Cool Dog Stuff

Shown on Amazon, purchase anywhere!

Cash, Check, or Physical donations can be sent:

Okanogan Angels
c/o Jennifer Harrison
3959 Malaga Ave
PO Box 182
Malaga, WA 98828

Okanogan Valley Vet will also accept cash donations to our account 'Okanogan Angels'

Tax Receipts are sent as soon as possible (trying to do once a month)

EIN: 92-0930262