It is with great sadness that we inform you, our supporters, that Okanogan Angels will be dissolving as a 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue.

Since starting over a year ago this organization has learned and grown so much. However, it is time we step down as an organization.

What this means:

*We are no longer accepting any intakes of any kind.

*We will continue to support, adopt, and care for the dogs currently in our care.

*We will no longer accept donations after February 28, but we can give referral to another organization.

Our fosters have been the backbone of rescuing the number of dogs over the years (15 months official). We could not have done this work without them and your support!

Okanogan Angels Board,

Rachel, Christeena, Jennifer

Okanogan Angels is a non-profit organization focused on Lost, Found, Abandoned animals with outcomes of Rescuing, Fostering, Transporting, and Adopting. We also have a Low-Income Spay and Neuter voucher system for dogs in Okanogan County.

With the entire nation struggling, we are finding that we are needing to adopt more than transport out. Watch for our Adoption Events!!! 

With adoptions and limited transports, we are also having to do more vaccinations, deworming, and watching for flea and ticks than ever before.


image - President Jennifer and Foster Coordinator Christeena during food distribution event
image of dog named Angel that started our name

We officially began calling our team of transporters, fosters, and Lost and Found gurus the Okanogan Angels after this love - Our foster named her Angel, because it was nothing short of a miracle that she was even alive.

She was taken into urgent vet care - but her injuries were too severe to save the leg. She became one of the favorites by the shelter staff where she made a quick placement after her recovery.

Jennifer Harrison

Founder, President
Executive Director, IT

While not currently living in Okanogan County, she was born and raised here. Living next door in Chelan County and being a home-maker with a quick eye - animal match making skills came easily and often. She was added to the Lost and Found Pets of Okanogan County fairly early on as first a moderator and quickly as an Admin. With her background in computer applications and business communication we quickly put her to work with all of the “write ups” needed for the page and most of the coordination for the Angels addition we made this year (2022)

Jennifer has a mix of kiddos - two grown, two at home and owns a part-time side hustle business. Her days are currently filled with kid appointments, practices, tshirts, hats, and fostering dogs - in addition to her own.

image of Christeena - Foster Coordinator

Christeena Adams

Foster Coordinator,
Medical & K9 Assessment

This foster mama (and now our coordinator) can tell you stories!

“Can you meet someone in 5 minutes that can’t hold a dog”

Christeena: “yes, I’m in my pajamas, but yes”

Through thick and thin Christeena has saved dozens and dozens of dogs from being hit by cars, freezing to death, starving you name it.

I’d like to say she’s boots on the ground, but sometimes, it’s just her slippers.

Rachel Backus

Social Media Coordinator,
K9 Assessment