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Bud needs Surgery 

Upcoming Events!

March 16, 2024

Lucky Dogs - Adoption Event
10am - 2pm
Paws and Petals

Microchip Clinics - sign up here: https://calendar.app.google/cw9CyqnduNYGMxib6
$10 suggested donation per dog (we are not doing feline at this time).
Please fill out the form and include each animal name being done.
*More than 3 animals must have a separate appointment scheduled.

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About Us

Okanogan Angels is a non profit organization focused on Lost, Found, Abandoned animals with the outcome of
Rescuing, Fostering, Transporting, and Adopting.

We also have a Low-Income Spay and Neuter voucher program for dogs in Okanogan County.


Okanogan Angels 

PO Box 113

Riverside, WA 98849


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